1978-1984, 1999-2014

HRC Peter Elsner, Benjamin Heidersberger, an interdisciplinary research and art project which realizes itself with the implementation of ideas and the study of the laws how an idea in space and time employs. HRC has been working between 1978-1984 and 1999-2014 in a wide field of artistic activities like documentation, video, photography, graphic, painting, sculpture, design, music, performance, installation.



1980-1984, 1999-2008

Voice noise  Voice sound  Voice music

The experimental vocal music project HEAD RESONANCE begun 1980 as a  part of the HEAD RESONANCE Company. For the recordings was used a Triaxial Stereo Microphone. Between 1979-84 HEAD RESONANCE used during the improvisation sessions  -THE TIME LAG ACCUMULATOR- to create floating transforming structures. Since 1999 HEAD RESONANCE was using a digital delay. All recordings between 1979-1984 and 1999 were made in the cathedral of Königslutter in Germany. From 2000-2008 the recording were made in Helsinki.

Voices 1980-1984

Peter Elsner Benjamin Heidersberger
Annedore Fischer
Rahel Schieffer

Voices 1999-2000

Peter Elsner Benjamin Heidersberger 
Claudia Wilke
Jessica Colonius

Voices 2001-2008

Peter Elsner Benjamin Heidersberger
Stefanie Kohlhoff



Peter Elsner: hrc(at)

Benjamin Heidersberger: benjamin(at)