1979- 84

Sunflower seeds and yellow chalk: 200 plastic bags with sunflower seeds and yellow chalk produced and distributed in the VW city Wolfsburg

10 elsner/ heidersberger puppets: " hampelmänner" designed, produced and sent away

Postering the city" die herzen sind zu": posters for the city of Wolfsburg

Phönix: participation at the opening exhibition of the " NEW OLD OPERA ", Frankfurt

Pigs in the gallery: provocation to the opening for an exhibition of the german industry/ art association Wolfsburg, with pig masks, smoking cigars and in a backpack a tape recorder which is playing thoughts about the view on art

Pentagondodekaeder loudspeaker: designing and building loudspeakers in the form of a platonic body

Objectbox "cup": the cup as an object for different levels of consiousness

Pottery wheel: designing and building a pottery wheel

Bread baking plates: development of a new technic to bake bread. designing and building of 6 iron plates

Geodetic dome: designing and building a tea house in the form of a platonic body

Sculpture" icecube ": with the help of a supermarket we were realizing a 65x65x65 cm icecube for the 24 hours concert in the baroquegarden at the castle of wolfsburg

Iron table: designing and building a table out of iron plates

Video sticks/hideo aayamaguchi

Video rhythmogramme

Video farbtonraum with dieter kleintje

Animation video

Video Then/ There. Performance by Hideo Aayamaguchi

16mm movie Ayutaja man

Video documentation HEAD RESONANCE Company/ cable tv ludwigshafen

" Trojanisches Konzert ", Jazz and Folk Festival, Wolfsburg

" But who is eating me? " Atonal Festival Berlin

Interactive sound installation. Der grosse Preis, Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria

Concert " Kamikaze ". Gallery Apex, Göttingen

Planing of the sound sculpture " Solar Powered Random Sound Generator " on the Cass Computersystem, Volkswagen factory

" The sound research project ", Thailand. Part of the Bangkok Project/ minus Delta t.

Concert " Weltrausch " at the Bhirasri Institute of Modern Art in Bangkok

Concert " Delay " and exhibition " The sound research project ": Gallery Odem, Hannover

Gallery ART NOW, Ludwigshafen, "Concert for 50 headphones "

vinyl on demand